Christian - Muslim Interactions

Is it Ok to Pray for That?

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Moses for Muslims

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Can you relate to this? I’m often scouting for ways to prove I’m right and others are wrong. I’m not proud of it. Part of the strategy involves searching out the worst examples of peoples’ beliefs and behavior then deciding those things are characteristic and normative, even essentially a part of who they are. 

News that Cuts to the Heart

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Boy, there’s a lot of news these days, isn’t there? Such craziness swirling around! Right in the midst of the hype and wildness, two gut-punch stories hit my news feed this week.

A Simple, Staggering Question

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We’re building a set of mantras in our house, aphorisms that bundle up the ideas and values we want to guide our interactions as a family and how we follow Jesus. “Mess up, fess up,” for instance and “be grateful, not greedy.” 

That Tricky Trinity

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Have you ever tried to explain the Trinity to a Muslim? To a kid? To yourself? It’s a little tricky, isn’t it? 

Most of the go-to analogies fall apart sooner than we’d like. And the distance between “it’s like this. . .” and “it’s a mystery that can’t be fully explained” is shorter than I usually prefer. 

Here, however, is why it matters: