Christian - Muslim Interactions

FORKS Open Lives

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Summer’s most explosive holiday is just around the corner! For Americans, Independence Day is a big deal: A chance to thank God for the privilege of living in this country, to gather with friends and family, and to blow stuff up! 

Quick! Steal This Alliteration.

from Shane's Muslim Connect

In the wise and winsome way of a church statesmen with decades of research and relationship behind him, Bert de Ruiter pulls back the curtain on seven trends he sees shaping the Islam of Europe (he says “Islams”!).

Storm's a-Brewin'!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

The large, meaty hand extended to me from a mountain of a man. “Khalid,” he boomed. “My name is Khalid. You need anything, ANYTHING, you let me know.” He said the second “anything” in such a way it seemed likely to include finding suitable matches for my daughters and getting rid of a body! 

Super Short Covid Edition

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Dang COVID! I think I’ve turned a corner toward recovery, but still sort of feel like I got rolled over by a giant panda. . .while he was sumo wrestling a hippo! 

Tired Eyes, Happy Heart

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Sometimes I think I’ve advanced well down the Christian road: I know a few Greek words from the New Testament. I can put Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians, and Galatians in the right order (although a spell checker is the only way I can get the names right!). And I can identify a theological or biblical problem with almost any modern worship song. So, yeah, that feels good.