Christian - Muslim Interactions

People Like Us Do Things Like This

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I’ve spent the past week with people dedicated to seeing God’s goodness extend throughout the earth. Some of our friends have literally given their lives in this effort. It’s an honor simply to hang with them. 

Labor Day Looms!

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labor day looms

Here are three bad ways to spend the upcoming Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 1-3):

Shared Suffering

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Running on Empty

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Ever feel like you’re running dry? You know, a little ding breaks in on your reverie and it’s the low fuel light. Then you remember seeing a sign a couple minutes back that the next gas is 40 miles down the interstate? Just for example, not that this has ever happened to me! 

The Power of Paying Attention

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looking beneath the surface

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I had a fascinating conversation today with a woman who is an expert in her field. I love asking questions of people who are smarter than me. (Which, I think we can agree, leaves the field pretty wide open!)