Christian - Muslim Interactions

Sometimes I Wish I Could Do More

From Shane's Muslim Connect

“How’d you get to be so old and not know nothing?” This favorite line from a forgotten movie or book used to be funny. The older I get the more I think it describes me! I wish I knew more. I wish I could do more of what I know needs done. 

“Iftar” Means “Oh My Goodness, That’s Yummy!”

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This is a Good Day to Pray!

from Shane's Muslim Connect
You know what I have in common with White House staff? This: I have no way to control what President Trump will or will not say in his upcoming meeting with Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea! On the other hand, I do know the one who thought up the idea of Korea and the Bible is clear that he’s fond of listening to what I have to say. And to you too! 

Can't I Just Stay Home?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I’d put it off as long as I could. I had to go. This couldn’t wait another day. If I didn’t make it to the grocery this morning, the kids would have nothing but pancakes for dinner. Literally. No eggs, no fruit. Simply pancakes.

Wait? What? It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Confession time: (Don’t get excited. It’s nothing juicy!) I have a tendency toward exaggerated optimism. Or maybe the ouchier and more honest way to say it is that I avoid and minimize problems and hard stuff. Reading Muslim Connect you might be led to think, “Wow, connecting with Muslims is easy as eating donuts and comfortable as a hot shower.