Christian - Muslim Interactions

Today I Wear My Friday Best!

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If I asked you to name something beautiful about where you live, what would you say? I’m in southern Colorado so sun and mountains come to mind for me. Also my wife keeps the house all jungly with plants everywhere and occasionally a sleeping child will drool in the most adorable way. 

It's a Holy Hat Trick!

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Are you ever glad you’re a Christian? I hope so, and for better reasons than this: It’s Passover right now (April 5th to April 13th), so Jews aren’t eating anything yeasty. No Cheerios, bread, or beer! It’s also Ramadan (March 22nd to April 20th), so Muslims aren’t eating anything during the day. They can have Cheerios and bread after dark, but still no beer.

"The Best Part of My Week"

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Ramadan began this week, and my friend, colleague, and hero penned this from his city in Europe where he and his family live and reach out to Muslim immigrants:

What's the Worst You Could Do?

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your secret is safe with us

Is there anything you could do that would cause your family to say, “Yeah, don’t come back here anymore.” It would have to be pretty gruesome, wouldn’t it? Most of our families and friends are relatively tolerant of a wide range of divergent behavior. In anthropologist speak: We live in rather elastic networks. 

Africa, Islam, and Black History Month

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I love a nice overlap. Like when a sermon can be used for an article, or a trip to the grocery takes you by your favorite thrift store