Christian - Muslim Interactions

When Christians Marry Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

How would you feel if your child, born or not yet, grew up and married a Muslim? My friend Jami Staples wrestles with this as she counsels Christians who have married Muslims and parents whose kids have or are considering it. 

Sugar and Shame

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Looking Through Shame-Colored Glasses

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Many of us have no difficulty recalling an event that caused us acute embarrassment. In fact, we sometimes make a game of sharing our most embarrassing moments! Maybe you even have a go to story that’s properly self-deprecating, but still makes you look ok. Mine? The late Christian musician, Rich Mullens once fell asleep in the front row while I was giving a talk! Afterward we had pie. 

Dart In, Dart Out. . .Distracted!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Be sure to check the special note at the bottom of this story.

Dart In, Dart Out, Distracted!

Hello, My Name is God

​from Shane's Muslim Connect

Want to try something fun at an upcoming Christmas party or family gathering? See how many biblical names and titles for God you can come up with! [Warning: Avoid the “Does God = Allah” debate unless you want everyone to get mad and go home early so you can get some sleep!]