Christian - Muslim Interactions

"The Best Part of My Week"

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Ramadan began this week, and my friend, colleague, and hero penned this from his city in Europe where he and his family live and reach out to Muslim immigrants:

What's the Worst You Could Do?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

your secret is safe with us

Is there anything you could do that would cause your family to say, “Yeah, don’t come back here anymore.” It would have to be pretty gruesome, wouldn’t it? Most of our families and friends are relatively tolerant of a wide range of divergent behavior. In anthropologist speak: We live in rather elastic networks. 

Africa, Islam, and Black History Month

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I love a nice overlap. Like when a sermon can be used for an article, or a trip to the grocery takes you by your favorite thrift store

Who's Got Your Back?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Got any fun New Year’s resolutions, goal, dreams? I’m hoping to build a small cadre of like-minded people who will challenge me to be the best person I can be and do the best work possible. 

Halal Hat Trick?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

There’s a Muslim dad with kids at the same karate studio my younger son attends. I’d really like to connect with him, but we only see each other briefly at pick-up maybe once a week.