Christian - Muslim Interactions

Moving to What Matters Most

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Maybe like me, you love to befriend Muslims but struggle to talk about deep stuff. 

How do you turn a conversation toward spiritual things? 

Forging Muslim Friendships

from Shane's Muslim Connect

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known. . .      

– Brené Brown

How We Do it Matters

Got Mad Quiz Skills? Try These...

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Odds are you’re more spiritual than I am and correspondingly less competitive. But if there’s a little bit of “bet I can beat you” in your dear soul, this might be fun! 

Make the Most of Crazy Days

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Have you ever nailed the timing? Sold the stock at the top? Bought a house when the prices were low? Shown up at Disney Land when you weren’t joined by five states worth of other people? It’s rare, isn’t it? And sweet.