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“Praise God for His providence for bringing us to this course! I feel that I have a deeper understanding and empathy towards Muslims, and I have gained confidence and skills to witness effectively.”
Natalie, Colorado

“As I observed [the Muslims’] traditions and heard their testimonies and their reasons for doing what they are doing, I couldn’t help but see that these people are in pursuit of a relationship with the Almighty God. They seek to connect and gain the favor of God in all they do.”
Daniel, Pennsylvania

“I am learning that I have to ask God to help me see through His eyes and not mine. He knows how to reach hearts and he will show me if I wait for him to show me. I believe God has always and will always help us if we are willing to be humble enough.”
Sheree, North Carolina

“I am so grateful. This class has expanded my understanding. I am excited to be able to use what I am learning to enhance my relationships with Muslims.”
Cathy, North Carolina

“This course has been a challenge to my Western church thinking. In all my self-righteousness, I have to ask myself, am I an offering? Do I really want to be broken bread and poured out wine to hurting and lost people? Am I willing to pay the cost of time, humble myself, love others above myself - no matter what it costs?”
Joe, Michigan