Staff Opportunities

Working at EWI

A Place for You?

Come to Denver for a few weeks, months, or years to be part of Encountering the World of Islam! We’re looking for online curriculum developers, graphic designers, media specialists, project managers, other techies and more. To find out if there’s a place for you, contact us. If you were part of our ministry today, you could:

  • Produce resources, build networks, explore nations, and provide life-changing encounters to God’s people across the U.S. and beyond.
  • Work with people in all kinds of churches and agencies, inspiring and equipping them to reach escape velocity - to break away from life as they know it and take their unique part in advancing God's global kingdom.
  • Be part of a tight-knit team that needs you to make a difference.
  • Gain skills and connections for future ministry overseas or wherever God leads you.
  • Currently seeking: Regional Facilitators (USA)
    • Promote EWI regionally to churches, ministries, Bible schools, seminaries and training centers
    • Recruit, provide logistical support for, and coach local coordinators & instructors
    • Specific metropolitan regions of interest include:  New York City,  Washington DC,  Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, SF Bay Area, and Texas 
    • Contact us to learn more!


  • Our staff members work under the umbrella of a growing, well-respected mission agency called Pioneers, which values innovation and flexibility. Pioneers, founded in 1979, has more than 3,100 members serving among 200+ unreached peoples in over 100 countries. We're privileged to be part of this movement. We encourage you to read about Pioneers' Core Values.
  • Most of our staff are responsible to raise up a team of financial supporters to fund the expenses of their ministry, salary, and benefits.
  • With its spectacular mountains, great weather, and friendly, laid-back people, the Denver area is a great place to live or visit. Explore our city here.