The Power of Pilgrimage

EWI News:

Many of us have experienced how a significant event can shape our lives, especially if the event takes us out of the context in which we normally live and move. In the world of missions, we see this happen at a conference like Urbana and even more often on short-term trips. In fact, this is probably the best argument to spending money on short-term mission trips: they change participants’ lives.

We should recognize that this happens for other people as well, and here is a good example: the official beginning of this year’s Hajj, or Muslims’ pilgrimage to Mecca, begins this Wednesday, November 25. Muslims are treated differently after returning from the Hajj, and they often behave differently as well. Sometimes they become more focused on their faith and practice, and sometimes they are discouraged (usually by the reality of imperfect people trying to please God, though this probably happens less frequently).

The Hajj officially lasts four days. It would be a great time to ask God to speak to Muslims who have traveled far and sacrificed much out of their devotion to him. We can ask God to reveal himself in truth to them and put them on a path to discovering his love for them and his will for their lives. I hear almost weekly a story of God revealing himself in mighty and miraculous ways to the heart of a Muslim. Let’s pray that this happens over the course of this week to many Muslims in and around Mecca.

Find a helpful summary of what Muslims do on the Hajj and how to pray for them at Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula.

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