Good News From Malaysia

EWI News:

We found this great story of Muslims speaking out against violence and banding together with others (Christians, at that) to stand against it:

Marina Mahatir, daughter of former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad and social activist, made this statement after visiting one of the churches destroyed in the violence following the Malaysian court ruling that Christians could use the word Allah: “I went to the Desa Melawati Metro Tabernacle Church this morning to take a look. What I saw made me want to cry. I have never seen hate like this in Malaysia in my entire life.”

Marina is part of a group of Muslim voices, in conjunction with others as well, speaking out against violence like this. While this might not have been on the evening news, it is happening. Will you pray that those speaking against hate and for reconciliation will be emboldened and protected? Ask that God would use this moment to show his way and his love and that through this he would draw people to Jesus.