How to Support Our Projects

Muslim schoolgirls in Indonesia

Members of our staff rely on financial partnership from people like you to make their work possible!

1. Send a check

Make your check payable to Pioneers,* write the project or staff member’s code from below in the memo area, and mail it to:

Attn: Donor Services
10123 William Carey Drive
Orlando, FL 32832

2. Give by credit card

Make an online donation through Pioneers.* You can designate your gift to a particular staff member (“Pioneers Missionary”), EWI in general, or an EWI special project. If you prefer, you can call Pioneers (800.755.7284) with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card information.

You can also click on the links below to give directly to a staff member or project.

EWI Staff Members:

Bruce and Deborah - Director of EWI in the United Kingdom: 111789

James - Promotes and manages EWI throughout the Russian-speaking world: 110468

Jamie - Promotes and manages EWI throughout Spanish-speaking world: 110740

Jim - Coordinator of Distance Learning: 115084

Joanna - Promotes and manages EWI throughout Africa: 110582

Justin - Coordinator of Technical Services: 111886

Keith - Team Leader and Editor of EWI: 111112

Paul - Coordinator of Media Services: 111128

Randy - Promotes and manages EWI in Arabic and French: 136015

Sarah - National Director of the EWI program: 111108

EWI Projects:

EWI General Fund - The complete ministry of EWI: 150464

EWI International Projects - Translations and global courses: 150227


* As a team of Pioneers, EWI holds to the same financial accountability - learn more.

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PIONEERS-USA is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and is audited annually by independent certified public accountants. Learn more about Pioneers finances or view the audit report here.
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Pioneers is also a member of Mission Nexus, a global partnership of Evangelical and non-denominational mission agencies..