EWI in Tbilisi, Georgia and Kiev, Ukraine

EWI News:

In September and October, several of the Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) Team traveled to Ukraine and Georgia to test the Russian translation of our materials.Kiev mosqueChristians in this region desire to respond to the fact that there are Muslims all around them. For example, Julia works with a campus ministry about ten hours from Kiev. That city’s 11 universities attract many internationals from Muslim countries. God had given Julia a calling to focus on these Muslim students, but she had no training in how to relate to them. She came to our course in Kiev, and now her director wants her to train the whole campus ministry staff! Although Julia came to our course without money for a return train ticket, we were able to provide for her week of housing and food, as well as her trip home.

These trainings went so well that they extended the trip, sending Keith to Moldova and David to Armenia. Christians in these two post-Soviet states have requested to have EWI next year. While they desire to reach out in love to Muslims in their own nations, the Georgian, Armenian, and Azeri believers also want to share Christ in Turkey and Iran as well.

In Moldova, Keith connected with the Baptist Union and its seminary which trains Muslim-background believers from across Central Asia. Don’t tell the Baptist bishop, but the Baptist regional leader also went to the meeting with the Pentecostal Union bishop, whom he had never met. Please pray that EWI will continue to bridge the divide between Baptist and Pentecostal circles in the former USSR, as this is often difficult.