Alumnus Influences Community

Two men talking

We recently met with a pastor to encourage his church to host an Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) course for mobilizing Christians in that community to reach out and share Christ with Muslims. About five minutes into the conversation he smirked and confessed that he was already sold. Just prior to the meeting he had met with the leader of his town’s Islamic center.

This Muslim leader told the pastor that he had been “meeting with a guy regularly to pray and discuss Christ,” and then he introduced the two men. The “guy” is an EWI alumnus who sang the praises of EWI to the pastor. He had befriended an extended family of Muslims in his town because of the course requirement to meet with a Muslim. Over the course of several years he became close friends with the leader of the Islamic center.

This man had no previous relationship with Muslims prior to our course, but now he is a close confidant of the Muslim leader in that town. Suffice it to say, the pastor was convinced of EWI's worth. His church will be hosting an EWI course!

How has EWI affected your community?

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