EWI in 2010

EWI News:

We have been amazed by the growth of Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) this year. In addition to launching networks in Nigeria and the republics of Georgia and Ukraine, multiple classes were held in China, Korea, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. In these latter places, EWI classes are being run without our continued assistance! We also held 13 courses around the U.S. during this fall session.

In 2010, we hope to continue building our EWI networks in Nigeria, Philippines, Georgia, and Ukraine (with the goal of self-sufficiency), and we plan to add Indonesia, Armenia, Moldova, and Azerbaijan to our development cycle.

Julia’s story (read the full article here) is a good picture of EWI internationally. Gifted and called people are already reaching out to Muslims and training others; they just need some encouragement and tools. Please pray with us for EWI in 2010. Each international launching of EWI costs too much for people like Julia to attend, yet they need EWI in their language. So we fund these start-ups and translations with your help. In 2009 we raised $40,000 for EWI international projects! That amazes us!

Will you consider helping us continue to grow EWI in 2010? You can use this link to give a donation by credit card, or you can send a check or international money order for Project 150227 to this address: Pioneers, 10123 William Carey Drive, Orlando, FL 32832, USA.

Merry Christmas from the Encountering the World of Islam Team.