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Encountering the World of Islam in Spanish

Locations of EWI classes in the US.

The Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) course has been offered in various cities around the UK from the spring of 2008. EWI works closely with local Mahabba networks and others to offer substantial equipping to Christians who want to reach out to Muslims with the love and grace of Jesus, and with full confidence in the gospel.

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Short Description - Encountering the World of Islam is available online for those who do not have a local class in their area. EWI Online is a 12-week course featuring expert instructors and an online mentor with experience living among Muslims. Students will complete each lesson's work and assignments at their convenience and discuss the week’s material using discussion forums. Though the course is not self-paced, there are no live online sessions required.

Encountering the World of Islam in Chinese Language

Instructor Resources provide tools to help you teach lessons from the course Encountering the World of Islam.

Free online articles to accompany the Encountering the World of Islam textbook and course.

Planning modules and resources for coordinating an EWI class.