Yes, I'm Hot in This

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from Shane's Muslim Connect

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Do you ever open Muslim Connect, make a face and wonder, “What’s he gonna ask me to do this week?” I’m sorry, but I sort of hope you do! Last week I asked you to trade away your whole life, move to Pakistan and take some friends with you. This week is a little easier. 

I want you to laugh. Although you may also wince a bit, hopefully you’ll laugh.

My new favorite comic is called “Yes, I’m Hot in This.” It’s created by Huda Fahmy, a Muslim woman from Houston who grew up in Detroit. Huda describes it as, “A webcomic about the musings of a slightly sweaty Muslim-American woman.” 

Yes, it’s culturally instructive. Surprisingly, it’s also hilarious. Huda draws the comics for both Muslims and non-Muslims, poking fun at both sets of people. Of course, humor is very personal, but Huda’s works for me. Both in the laughing and the stinging. 

She shares more than once her displeasure at being asked where she’s from. I’ve challenged you and anyone who’ll slow down to listen to ask that very question. I still have much to learn!

If you’ve got a moment and either a Facebook or Instagram account, take a look. Maybe even share it with your people. Check out Huda’s book here

We need to hear from Muslims what it’s like to be a Muslim. All the better when you can do that with a smile or a bit of a wince. If you have two moments, share a favorite in the comments

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