Will it be ok?

EWI News:

from Shane's Muslim Connect

For many of us, and for our friends and co-workers, when we think of Muslims, the growth of Islam, and the future of the planet, we just want to know, will it be ok? Will my kids be ok? Will our country, the culture that we value, remain as it is? 

Answers to those questions could fill volumes but can also be summed up succinctly. Will it be ok? No, but yes. 

No, it won’t be ok. 

No, because it’s not. Many things in the world of Islam, and in our connection to that world, are not at present ok. 

No, Muslims may move into the house down the block and challenge your status quo, your peace, and the comfort of “it’s always been this way."

No, Muslims will be elected to public office, which may cause alarm and concern.

No, Muslims in some places are killing each other. And kids - how can this ever be ok? - are pawns crushed in the conflict.

No, evil Muslims will do terrible things to people who didn’t even know they were party to a conflict.

But yes, it will be ok. 

Yes, almost no Muslims are motivated to harm you and your family, and only a tiny subset of those who are also have the means to accomplish it.

Yes, even if our culture is overrun by Islam, it will not be the first time people following God have suffered on great scale. 

Yes, because, as in all things, God has this in hand. He loves Muslims fiercely. And for you? He’s got your back. He knows the number of hairs on your head. He loves your heart. Further, he invites you to join him in extending the abundant life of Jesus to Muslims down the block and around the planet. 

It will be ok. 

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