Where Will We Put Them All??

from Shane's Muslim Connect

If you’re new to Muslim Connect or just a little curious, here’s a < 2 min. intro to me that I shot today. Just a little peek behind the curtain.

Around our little part of southern Colorado, new houses are popping up like dandelions in springtime. You can’t blame builders: People want to buy homes and move here. And I can’t blame people for wanting to move here: I did and it is gorgeous. 

But can we handle the influx? The limiting factor in our equation is water. Will there be enough for everyone to sip, flush, and shower? No one really knows. 

And then there’s the squishier question: Will city folk change our culture? (We don’t really say “city folk,” but you get the idea.) How will immigrants from Denver, Phoenix, and, gasp, California taint the quaintness? Surely there will be effect and it will not be good! 

The U.S. and many parts of the world deal with these two questions related to people wanting to move in: Do we have enough to handle them and how will they change things?

Of course, Christians have a couple more questions to consider: What does Jesus think about immigration, and how do we follow him in regard to it? What do you think? How does the Bible shape your thinking on immigration?

Here are two extra-biblical sources that have shaped my heart and mind on these things recently.

•  Iranian film maker, Arash Ashtiani will make you hold your breath! His 16-minute, crazy intense film, The Tunnel, follows three North African men as they attempt to flee from France to England by running through the 31-mile Channel Tunnel. Illegal? Yep, in several different ways. But it does push me to consider what pushes people to consider such desperate acts.

•  In this Revisionist History podcast, Malcolm Gladwell tells the winsome story of his parents’ sponsoring Vietnamese refugees to their town in Canada and his brother’s tearful connection to a Syrian kindergartner. It is moving and hopeful. I can’t recommend it highly enough.