EWI in 2011

EWI News:

This year we have already seen a few international EWI courses take place in Russia. At the time of this writing, we have classes running in Georgia and Armeria, and later in the year we are looking forward to ones in China, Moldova, Russia, Turkey.

Just last week, one of our students, Lily, gave this testimony of EWI:

"I never wanted to be a missionary before this seminar. I didn't know anything about Islam.Though I enjoy my current ministry, I feel unsatisfied. During the seminar, I realized that I had never prayed for Muslims. This saddened me! Yesterday, when I prayed for Azerbaijanis for the first time, God gave me a vision that he will heal my husband's illness so we will be able to go into missionary work with Muslims."

Will you consider helping us to continue growing EWI internationally in 2011? You can donate through the Pioneers website or send a check or international money order for EWI Project 150227 to this address: Pioneers, 10123 William Carey Drive, Orlando, FL 32832, USA.