What Your Pastor Puts Up With!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Do you ever think, “Man, I’m glad I’m not a pastor?” I mean, really, sometimes they must feel like second grade teachers, but all the students have cars and can go to a different school if they get mad! And boy do they get mad. . . at the silliest things. 

I’m sure I only see some of what my pastor puts up with, and it’s sufficient to make me think, “He’s not getting paid enough for this.” And of course, everyone knows what he’s getting paid, right? We approve the budget! Once you get past the puerile, “hee hee, he only works one day a week” jokes, it’s a wonder anyone takes the role! 

Then, on top of it all, people like me (and maybe you!) pipe up and say, “Yeah, well, it’s not enough to lead and care for your tribe. How about your church make a difference in the whole wide world?!?!"

It’s a tough assignment, but we need pastors in many ways, not the least of which is to help churches know why to connect with Muslims and maybe even how to do so. 

In an effort to help pastors with this, can I ask you to do something? Could you ask yours a couple of questions for me? Simply copy and paste these in an email or text. Or if you’re totally crazy, call him! (If you are a pastor, well, it goes without saying!)

Do you sense God leading our church to think or act in new ways toward Muslims? If so, any idea what ways?

If you've felt God leading us in new directions with Muslims, what are some of the challenges you would face in doing so?

Simply that. Ask your pastor and let me know what you hear. I’ll be big time grateful.