What Shapes Our Brains?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I so want to think I approach life based on what the Bible and not Facebook says, but I’m not sure the data supports that conviction. The Zuckerberg siren woos me in, and pretty soon I’m all feisty about memes, ideas, and ridiculousness that neither help me nor help me help others. 

If you take a minute to consider what shapes your general thinking, as well as specifically regarding Muslims, what do you come up with?

Here’s an incomplete list of possibilities. I’m wondering for each if I should aim for an increase or decrease.

  1. Personal experience: You may have Muslim friends who are warm, funny, and caring. Alternatively, you may have been shot at by a Muslim. Both leave a mark - if not physically, then certainly psychologically.
  2. News: Watched, listened to, and read. Revenue-driven, largely fear-based. Decreased consumption would probably benefit my relationships with Muslims.
  3. Media: Facebook, podcasts, Twitter. For me: Less Facebook, better podcasts, and don’t start trolling Twitter!
  4. Books: Yes, books are media, but I want to make special note of them. I’m trying to read more and better. Some of you are amazing readers. If you’d be willing to share a book you’ve read about Muslims or connecting with them, I’d be so grateful. Let me know the title, who you think it's for, and share one great thing about it. 

Writing today’s Muslim Connect has helped me decide to quit Facebook for a season. I may float out a question or idea from time to time, but I’m killing the “spurious scroll!” During a short break this morning I read a couple pages of a Bob Goff book instead of cruising Facebook. It felt like real nourishment, solid goodness, rather than another handful of digital potato chips. So I’m done, and telling you to help seal the deal! Let me know if you’d like to join me in this. If you’ve already kicked Facebook to the curb, just smile smugly and wonder what took me so long!