What if Your Whole Church Prayed?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

What would it look like if your whole church prayed for Muslims during Ramadan? We have two Sundays left before the fasting month is over. Of the many ways followers of Jesus might extend care to Muslims during this time, prayer may be the most powerful. And if we can mobilize others to join us in praying, all the better. 

I don’t know how your church works. Maybe you have to donate a kidney twelve months in advance to get platform time on a Sunday morning. Maybe you just catch the pastor on the way up the aisle. If platform time is out of the question, consider how you might equip Sunday School classes or home groups to join a global cadre of intercessors in the next two weeks. 

If you’re feeling feisty, go ahead and ask! Copy and paste the script below in an email or text to your pastor or whoever sets the Sunday morning schedule. 

Additionally, here’s a scripted prayer you can offer to ease the legitimate fear smart pastors have about what people like us may pray if we’re allowed to hold the mic! 

Here are some slides you can show as you lead a brief prayer.

Since good prayer can happen even outside the church building, download and freely distribute this one-page prayer guide for Muslims during Ramadan. Encourage its use particularly as the closing days of Ramadan get increasingly intense. 

Finally, the media rock stars at prayercast.com have produced a series of simply stunning videos about Muslims and praying for them. 

Let me know how it goes!

If you're connecting with Muslims on a regular basis and would like a weekend of connecting with others who also are, attend one of two upcoming gatherings. No speakers or workshops, just like-minded followers of Jesus sharing wins and losses, sorrows and joy, encouraging each other and seeking God together. Northwest: June 14-16. Southern California: September 20-22. Email me for details

Sample email/text for your pastor:
Hello Reverend Groovy Dude,

I hope you and the family are doing well. This is short notice, but I’m wondering if you’d find it helpful and worthwhile to lead the church in a brief prayer this Sunday or next for Muslims as they fast during Ramadan. As you likely know, this is a spiritually significant time for many. As followers of Jesus, we align with God’s purposes as we pray for Muslims to find real life during this time and pray against the violence that too often happens during Ramadan. 

If it would be better, I’d be happy to lead the prayer or help in any other way you see fit. 

Thank you for taking valuable time to read this email and consider this request.