Warm, Encouraging Tips from the Professor

from Shane's Muslim Connect

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Dr. Carl Ellis is a professor, author, and ambassador of Christ to Muslims. I’ve not met him, but I big time want to share a long car ride with him, asking questions and hearing his story. 

In a recent interview with Crescent Project, Dr. Ellis shared four things to keep in mind when interacting with Muslims (please read the full excerpt or listen to the interview here.):

1. You have more in common with Muslims than you think. Find that common ground.
As Muslims share their story, I'm listening for their core concerns, their life-controlling and life-defining values and issues. After listening closely, I respond. I try to share how the Bible addresses their concerns and motivations.

2. Remember your friend doesn’t need a “knocked down” conversion experience.
Let me unpack what I mean by that. We shouldn’t be holding out for a particular conversion experience. My approach to Muslims, or anybody else, is that of discipleship. I try to discover their level of spiritual maturity, and then teach them the principles of the kingdom of God. Discipleship starts when you encounter the person; you disciple them to the faith, and then you disciple them in the faith.

3. Let Samson (and God’s Word) do the heavy lifting.
When I ask a disciple to tell me their stories, I have a database of biblical stories in my head. They’ll tell me about something going on in their life, and I’ll . . . paraphrase [for example] the story of Samson using their own language. I introduce them to the Bible. . . .We should let the Word of God do the heavy lifting!

4. Don’t rush. You’re not on the clock.
Finally, don’t be in a hurry. God is not subject to time, time is subject to him. All we can do is serve God and serve these folks. . . .All we can do is disciple. God is the one who brings transformation to the lives of our friends, and he does it in his time.

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