Muslim Friends - Video

EWI News:

This is a great video about making friends with Muslims, asking us to think about some crucial questions, whether in Europe or elsewhere.

Muslim Friends from Lava Lamp Productions on Vimeo.

Points to ponder

Have you ever moved to a new city where: 

  • Everything is different?
  • You don't understand the people, and the culture seems very foreign to you?
  • You feel lonely and out of place?

This is the case for thousands of Muslim immigrants who move to European countries every year. Often it is very difficult for these immigrants to adjust to their new home.

Believing Christians in Europe, have a wonderful opportunity to “be the hands and feet of Christ” to these new arrivals.

You can show love to your new Muslim neighbors in practical ways.
Get to know them. We’re sure that you’ll be blessed through your new friendship.