Three Easy Ways to Warm Your Heart Toward Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

You’ve got a life, right? Bills to pay, books to read, maybe a kid or two to raise. No one would blame you for not thinking about Muslims every hour of every day. Many Christians are reminded of Muslims only when someone shouting “Allah Akbar” does something nasty and splashy enough for the news to cover it.  

Last week in Muslim Connect I imagined waving a wand and vaporizing apathy toward Muslims. If only three or four percent of Christians in the U.S. got jazzed about praying for and connecting to Muslims, we’d approach a one-to-one ratio! 

In an effort to lessen apathy and grow engagement, here are three low-key ways to warm your heart (and maybe some friends’ hearts) toward Muslims. 

  1. Watch American Eid
    This 20-minute masterpiece is currently streaming on Disney+. It is warm, winsome, and witty. I’m totally smitten by it and assure you it’s worth the $8 it will take to sign up for one month of Disney’s streaming service. Chip away at apathy by watching it, then promoting it like crazy in your social media networks.
  2. Read The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf
    Grab this or any other novel in which the good guy is a Muslim. Bonus points if it’s written by a Muslim. This one is nostalgically set in the Indianapolis of my youth, but I learned a lot about what it’s like to grow up a minority in my own back yard. (If you have rec's to add one or two, I'd love to hear them!)
  3. Give thanks for a small good deed
    The first of the Afghan workers being evacuated to the U.S. will arrive tonight, July 29th. In the book of global pain this is only one semi colon, but I’m very happy for it. We’ll give sanctuary to upwards of 20,000 workers and their families. May God connect each one with a family who loves Jesus and will love them.

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