S.W.I.M. with the New Fishies

from Shane's Muslim Connect

My kiddos took off for their first day of school today. If yours did too, I celebrate with you! You survived the summer! You’re a rock star! 

Most of our kids will encounter one of the two following scenarios when they return to school: They’ll be the new kid (if so, the love of Jesus to them and you!) Or they’ll discover new students have arrived in their classroom. 

I haven’t heard yet what the “new kid” situation is for my guys, but, since I really want them to learn to act like Jesus, here’s what I’m planning to share at dinner tonight: 

S. W. I. M. with the new fishies: 

Smile at the new kids (a normal smile, not the creepy one you use for family photos!). You know how you’re wondering what the year will hold and if kids will like you? They are too, and probably more so.

Where are you from?” This is a good starter question, and most everyone can answer it. Follow it up with, “What’s it like there?”

I’m happy to help you if you need anything.” I’ll ask my kiddos to brainstorm what kind of help new kids might need. They probably know better than me. On the off-chance it doesn’t come up, I’ll encourage sitting with them at lunch and looping them in at recess. 

Maybe you could come over sometime” (and play Minecraft, of course!). We parents need to act like Jesus too, and playdates are a good catalyst for this. 

Some of the new kids might be Muslims, the children of new Americans who’ve recently arrived. By God’s grace, may none of them get through the first week of school without a new friend who has their back and who eventually helps them know how much Jesus has their back.