Surprisingly Hopeful News from the Muslim World

from Shane's Muslim Connect

good news

Sometimes it’s nice to see something good happen, right? In this past week we've witnessed tragedy with the murder of eleven worshipping Jews in Pittsburgh, the crash of an Indonesian passenger jet, and the ongoing drama of migrants and military caravanning to the US border. 

In the midst of this, two amazing things happened - and a third of which I’m not sure what to think. 

Wasi Mohamed, Executive Director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, decided to raise funds to help offset funeral expenses for the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. They thought their goal of $25,000 might be of some help. As of this writing the campaign has raised nearly ten times that amount! I’m happy to hear this and to have this bit of data added to the overall understanding of who Muslims are and what they do. 

7000 miles away, the supreme court in Pakistan overturned the blasphemy conviction of laborer and mother of five, Asia Bibi, who had been sentenced to death in 2010. This contentious case has already resulted in the deaths of two prominent politicians who defended Bibi and Islamist political parties are currently staging protests throughout Pakistan. Please join me in thanking God for this acquittal, praying against further violence, and asking that this good news might also lead to growing conversation about the nature of blasphemy and Muslim/Christian relationships that would be good for all of Pakistan. 

Finally, Irish pop star Sinead O’Conner converted to Islam. I’m not a fan of hers, nor do I know what to make of this. I do wonder, however, if Muslims have that same odd feeling of pride and validation that Christians sometimes do (like me!) when a celebrity converts or comes out as a follower of Jesus. 

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