Starving to the Finish Line!

EWI News:

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Got plans for the weekend? Me neither! But Muslims around the world do: This Saturday marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid al-Fitr, a usually happy celebration that will be severely muted this year.

Think with me for a minute about the emotion that might accompany these milestones: 

Relief at getting back to normal life, getting to eat and drink again when you like. Sadness at the passing of an intense family and spiritual season. Pride at having succeeded in the fast or secret guilt for failing privately while the community assumes you succeeded. 

Add to that the sense of loss that comes with being denied the celebration that’s usually the highlight of the year. It’s harsh. A friend in the Middle East told me this morning that their government plans to enforce a strict lockdown to inhibit the normal visiting that accompanies Eid (imagine celebrating Christmas without leaving your home).

I’d like us, the Muslim Connect tribe, to do two things in light of the end of Ramadan and the semi-empty Eid: 

1. Pray. Ask God to fill in the gaps with grace, to pour out joy for sadness, and invite Muslims all over to find the life Jesus came to bring. 

2. Share Eid greetings on social media. Like virtual Christmas or birthday cards, wish your Muslim friends - and the global ummah in general - a Happy Eid. 

You could make your own greetings, of course. In case it might help out, I’ve made four you can choose from. Simply copy or save one or more of these images and post them on your social media feeds this weekend.

Use the last one only with friends who you think could use a little levity!