Slowly, Slowly, Spring is Coming!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Can you feel it? Here in lovely southern Colorado we likely still have a couple more big snow storms to navigate, but maybe, just maybe, winter is loosening its grip. And maybe, just maybe, we’re beginning to emerge from a long COVID winter as well, though not without pain yet to bear. 

With that hope in mind, can I point your fertile imaginations down a winsome avenue? When we can once again be with people, how might we be with Muslims? Here are some ideas I’m anticipating:

  1. Plan to take someone to a mosque. It’s so good, though scary, for Christians to cross the threshold of a mosque. There is power and liberation in learning “those people” are simply people. Although we disagree in fundamental ways, in similarly fundamental ways, we’re pursuing the same ends. Now’s the time to reach out and set things in motion.
  2. Easter may be too soon, but plan now to have a Muslim family over for a Memorial Day bbq or a Fourth of July shindig. The Easter tips here work for most holidays.
  3. Host a cooking class. I really try not to ask you to do anything I haven’t or wouldn’t do, but this one’s iffy. I might gather a cooking class, but only if someone else, ideally an amazing Muslim cook, did the teaching. (Unless the guests wanted to learn to bake sourdough bread. Poorly. Like a rank beginner!)

You may just be hoping to hug your mom or, oddly enough, see the inside of a McDonalds. I hear you. But may God fill us with faith, sanctify our imaginations, and supply us with strength to connect with Muslims here, there, and everywhere. 

Feisty Action Alert: I signed a petition this morning to ask President Biden to immediately “follow through on your commitment by signing the updated presidential determination for FY 2021, which would increase the refugee ceiling to 62,500.” Join me?