A Simple, Staggering Question

from Shane's Muslim Connect

We’re building a set of mantras in our house, aphorisms that bundle up the ideas and values we want to guide our interactions as a family and how we follow Jesus. “Mess up, fess up,” for instance and “be grateful, not greedy.” 

I’m trying to add this one to the canon: “Questions trump answers.” It’s a little dicey from a truth angle, plus the word “trump” can pull the mind away from the main point. We could go with “questions are better than answers,” but that immediately makes me sing “reindeers are better than people” in my head. 

Some of this might be tied to personality and individual bent (Enneagram 9 here!), but I’d prefer asking a Muslim four really good questions to sharing with him the four spiritual laws

If you’re inclined that way as well, here’s a question you may want to try:

“Can you tell me about the God you believe in?” 

I read that question recently on a Facebook forum for people who connect with Muslims online. It resonates with me at a deep, deep level. 

How would you respond if a non-belligerent atheist at work asked you that question? Or if your adult child did? 

How do you suppose a Muslim friend might respond? I intend to find out! Of course, answers will vary considerably based on belief, depth of relationship, and the winsome work of the Holy Spirit! 

One thing is likely, the question will be reciprocated and you’ll have an opportunity to share about a God who the Bible reveals to be good beyond imagination, loving beyond reason, transcendent, yet closer than our breath.