Should Christians Read the Quran?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Who wouldn't like to reach under the tree this Christmas, pull out a gift and unwrap a lovely new Quran? Well, me for one! I'd rather unwrap this. But the Quran is uniquely important to 1.5 billion people. And as a reader of Muslim Connect, you have interest in these people and maybe special care for them. 

So should someone like you read the Quran? 

Let me be clear, I'm not talking about devotionally reading it, "Hmm, should I start a new YouVersion Bible plan for my quiet time or maybe a QVersion one?"

I mean, should you be able to tell your Muslim friends, "Yeah, I've been through the book." 

True confession: I haven't. I love the first sura, Fatiha. It's amazing; reads like a plagiarized Psalm to such an extent that I sometimes think it would be fun to slide it in as a responsive reading at a liturgically-oriented church! And I've read a bunch of verses. But not the whole thing. I think for me, doing the work I do, it would be a good idea. 

Nabeel Qureshi, who died way too young this year, says no. "Be with Muslims. See the world through their eyes. The time spent frustrated in the theological labyrinths of the Qur'an would be much better invested in living life with Muslims. Play together, fast together, laugh together, live together."

I can't argue with that. 

Maybe a workable compromise would be this:

  1. If your relationships with Muslims, your voice in these matters, would be enhanced by reading though the Quran, do it.
  2. If your involvement doesn't really mandate a full read, get a decent overview

Maybe all of us with the space would be wise to download a copy on a device. When I unwrap that sweet iPad in a couple of weeks, I'm going to install this one

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