Responding with Love

from Shane's Muslim Connect

answerwithloveI saw something stunning this week: A young woman shared her story of deciding to follow Jesus in a country that is overwhelmingly Muslim. She endured intimidation, rape and other brutality before eventually fleeing for her life. 

Men did terrible things to her; some, at least, in the name of Islam. I don’t pretend to understand this, neither the objective facts nor the underlying issues and subtleties. But this does happen. Certainly not always, but too often. 

What is stunning about this woman’s story is her response: She wisely, I think, fled for her life. Then in the neighboring country where she settled for a time and now in the U.S., she winsomely and boldly befriends Muslims. Who would blame her if she insulated herself from everyone with any relationship to Islam? How do you process what she dealt with? How do you move on with your life?

She chooses engagement over estrangement. Filled with the love of Jesus, she seeks ways to kindly share that with others, particularly Muslims. Not knowing her entire life, I assume she stumbles in this occasionally, but she’s trying to be like the man who extended mercy, empathy and kindness, even to the ones who executed him. 

What have I suffered at the hands of Muslims? Nothing really. What have you? I don’t know your story and I don’t dismiss indirect suffering. What I do want though is the grace to imitate this woman as she imitates Jesus.

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