Ready-Made Muslim Welcome Cards

from Shane's Muslim Connect

You leave the grocery store and notice a Muslim couple walking your way across the parking lot. You feel like a brief chat would be a good idea. You’d like to let them know you’re glad they’re here, that you want your town to be a safe, good place for them. What do you say? What do you do? 

Maybe you’re like me: By the time you get your wits collected, the moment is gone, they’re in the store, and you’re starting the car. 

If only we had a go-to tool, a comfortable way to communicate, “Hey, I just want to say, ‘Welcome,’” maybe we could do it. 

The idea last week of a Muslim Welcome Card appealed to many of you. Over three hundred people clicked through to see what my friend Joy gives to welcome newcomers to her town. 

Although you could make your own card, maybe you have a life! A ready-made card might be really helpful.

With Joy’s blessing I designed a card for women and one for men on which you can write your own phone number or email. This might be just the tangible little thing to help you break the ice, to do a small, good thing in your community.

Each time one of us hands out one of these cards, a bit of God’s love goes forward.

Check out the designs and get a stack for yourself. The proceeds will help Muslim Connect continue to get out. On your way there, join me in praying that ten thousand Muslims will receive one of these cards from a normal Jesus person like you and me over the coming year.