Praying Through Ramadan

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Thanks to Missions Catalyst for this article promoting prayer tools for Ramadan:

Praying for Muslims

Source: The 30-Days Prayer Network

This year the month of August coincides with the Ramadan fast - a great time to join millions of Christians around the world in praying for the Muslim world. It has been going on for 20 years now.

1. Click this link to order the 52-page prayer guide. It is a great tool to use with your church, family, or small group. The 2011 edition was translated into 40+ languages available from 30+ distribution centers. A PDF of the Spanish edition is now available for free download. Additional materials are available just for kids.

2. You can join the mailing list for daily emails during the 30 days of prayer. Though based on the booklet text, they are shorter and easier to share with others. That's what we have found most helpful in recent years.

3. Would a one-page flier work just as well for your purposes? See 30 Days of Prayer for Busy Christians on the Go. You might want to print out copies for your whole church and distribute them on Sunday, July 31.

Learn more and find other materials at 30-Days Prayer Network.