People Like Us Do Things Like This

from Shane's Muslim Connect


I’ve spent the past week with people dedicated to seeing God’s goodness extend throughout the earth. Some of our friends have literally given their lives in this effort. It’s an honor simply to hang with them. 

This has made me think about our tribe, we who deeply want to connect with Muslims in ways that honor God and bring life. Seth Godin says culture can be defined this way, “People like us do things like this.” 

What about us? What do people like us do?

We reach out and touch. We do this because we see Jesus doing it in the Bible and we recognize he has touched our lives. We take time and make effort to be kind to Muslims, to connect in friendship, to talk deeply about things that matter greatly.

We ask God to extend life. Jesus said he came to bring abundant life. Haven’t we experienced this? In gratitude we ask God to bring it to bear on the toughest situations on the planet: To free people from sin, to deliver them from fear, to replace the despair of death with the solid hope of life in Jesus.

We invite others to join us. Maybe this means taking a step beyond what’s normal for them, maybe rethinking some longheld assumptions. It might mean joining us in asking God to extend life to a fresh place or person and then going with us as we reach out and connect with a new Muslim friend. 

I’m grateful for the health and capacity to do these things. Neither is guaranteed. And I’m thankful for buds like you to do them with. And I’m very glad God seems pleased to scatter the love and life of Jesus all over through the likes of us! 

Share a story here about something “people like us do.”