My Friend Knows How to Do it Right

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Please see the special note at the end of this post. 

Don’t you love to see a master at work? YoYo Ma on cello? Tiger Woods swinging a club? Brené Brown explaining why we do the things we do? I love it! I’m moved by people who’ve invested years in their craft and now bring beauty, peace, and value to others. 

My friend Ginny exemplifies this. She’s taken the gifts God gave her and honed them over decades of devotion to Jesus and service to people to become one of the best pastors I know. Dove innocent, snake smart, with a love for Muslims that makes my heart glow. 

Last week the international Christmas party for a Muslim outreach organization on whose board she sits was hosted by a Pakistani Muslim family, and Ginny was asked to speak. 

Her response revealed her humility. She reminded the hosts she was a Christian and her Christmas talk would center on Jesus. They said they loved her, please speak.

After praying, fasting, and preparing, Ginny was ready for her spot which came quite deep in the program. There had been games, singing, and scripture readings in five languages. She began with empathy, “I bet you don’t feel very happy to hear one more person get up to talk.” They agreed! “I’ve been given ten minutes but plan to use only eight or nine.”

She spoke of the power of Jesus to restore the broken life of her adopted grandfather. She told of the respect he’d earned as he lived a Jesus-steeped life. She recalled faith stretching back to Abraham, shared her personal experience in Bethlehem, and admitted religion sometimes distorts the call to love. 

She concluded, “We believe [Jesus] broke through time and space – to be the prophesied God-with-us, love incarnate. From the cradle to the cross he lived to love and gave his life in love. This is what we celebrate at Christmas!” (Please read the whole talk here.)

Afterward, a Muslim journalist from the Middle East said, “How did you do that? You told that in a way that made me want to know Jesus.” 

When I grow up, I want to be like Ginny! 

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