"Mom-ing" as a Muslim

EWI News:

from Shane's Muslim Connect

When you think of Muslims, you probably tend to think of men rather than women. And when you think of Muslim women, your thoughts may go to burkas and oppression. (A topic for another day. . .or several!) You might not right away think of moms! 

I don’t blame you. Precious few of the Muslim images we see in the media give off a maternal vibe. We need more understanding and more input like this guy’s wonderful one minute video tribute to his mother. Toward that end, here are three simple observations about Muslim Moms.

  1. The Quran speaks quite highly of moms. Of course, there’s the mom of the month, Mary (Maryam). She is described as the best of all women and is referred to in the Quran seventy times! Further the Quran says, “Paradise is at the feet of a mom.” I’m not sure what that really means, but it is poetic and scholars agree it’s a big-time good thing.
  2. We know this is true, but it bears considering: Muslim moms deal with the same issues you or your mom-friends do: They build the little monsters in their bellies, nourish them with their bodies for nine months inside and a year or two outside, and worry over them incessantly. Plus if they’re good Muslims, they’ve got to make sure the kids memorize most of the Quran! (Islamawana!)
  3. And Muslim moms, to varying degrees, have the additional burden of raising their children in a Muslim-precarious world. Tens of millions have been forced from their homes. Many are rearing kids in the toughest places (by any measure) on the planet. And I suppose, but don’t know, that they worry about their kids loving God, but not going all ISIS with it.

May the hope God has for Muslim moms be known. Will you pray for rest and peace and hope and life for them?

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