Making Fun o̶f̶ With Muslims

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from Shane's Muslim Connect

Please see the special note at the bottom of this week’s Muslim Connect. 

Since humor provides a unique understanding of culture, and Muslim Connect has been dreadfully serious for a couple of weeks, I’d like to point you to some places where you can laugh along with Muslims. 

Khalid Al Ameri, @KhalidAlAmeri
Fair warning: If you click one of these links, you may not surface for a while, but you will be happier when you do! Khalid and his wife Salama are Emiratis. They are charming, beautiful, and funny. Their videos, which have multiple millions of views, show a warm and insightful side of Muslim life in Dubai and beyond. At one to three minutes long, it’s easy to eat a whole box! 

Here are a couple of favs (Arab hand signs, Snow fight) and the whole list

Nigar Nazar
Nazar is the preeminent cartoonist of Pakistan. Her popular character is Gogi, according to the BBC, “a progressive, educated Pakistani woman who wears polka-dotted dresses - and is loved by thousands around the world.” Nazar delivers her social commentary with a pleasant dose of cuteness. 

Muslim Women Comedians
Because tastes and boundaries vary, let me just point you to this list. I can’t endorse all these comedians, but number 4, Maysoon Zayid is very funny and her TED talk is pretty clean. Here’s a briefer snippet, with one bad word. 

If you have other examples of Muslims being funny, I’d love to hear them. Post them in the comments or shoot me an email. Thank you. 

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