Make the Most of Crazy Days

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Have you ever nailed the timing? Sold the stock at the top? Bought a house when the prices were low? Shown up at Disney Land when you weren’t joined by five states worth of other people? It’s rare, isn’t it? And sweet. 

The training I invited you to last week provides us a chance to nail the timing. In the midst of a global lockdown, there are a gazillion Muslims hanging out at home with little to do but surf the internet. Some percentage of them must be worried about death and asking God for answers. 

Can you imagine connecting with them over Facebook, WhatsApp, or Skype? Sharing life and asking questions? Learning about culture and pursuing spiritual conversations? 

I attended the free training on Monday. (As have several Muslim Connect tribe members.) It was totally worth my one-hour investment. There are two more opportunities: tonight (Thursday, April 16th) at 5 pm central time and tomorrow (Friday, April 17th) at 10 am central time. Sign up here. 

Please consider investing an hour in this timely opportunity. You’ll be encouraged, challenged, and equipped. 

We’ll also nail the timing if we pray for Muslims during their month of fasting, Ramadan, which begins on April 23rd. This will be like no other Ramadan in recent history. Let’s pray that God will respond to sincere prayers and honest seeking among Muslims. 

Here are two tools to help you do that: 

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World: Join millions of Christians in praying for Muslims each day during Ramadan. You still have time to order print or pdf books for adults or kids.

Love Muslims: 30-day Prayer Journey: Sign up here to get daily prayer prompts in your email along with beautiful videos. 

Whatever God leads you to do, let’s nail the timing as best we can. These are crazy days we’re walking through. I’m glad we’re in them together.