Listening as Muslims Speak for Themselves

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I suppose I can’t begin to understand the gift it is to get to read the Bible in a language I understand. (The language, to be honest!) It wasn’t that long ago regular folks had to depend on the professionals to tell them what the Book said. Now we can read if for ourselves and listen to brilliant commentators from all over, both those who think like we do and those who stretch our minds. 

This great gift extends well beyond the Bible. I’m grateful our situation allows us to hear from a dizzying variety of people what they think, what their lives are like, who they are. As part of our gratitude for this gift, I think people like us should read what Muslims write about their hopes, fears, faith, and opinions. 

Let me be clear, I’m glad you place some value on what old white guys say and think about Muslims! It’s honestly not a bad place to start and I’m happy to share with you what I find helpful and curious. But let’s take advantage of today’s technology, encouraging others to do likewise.

With a few clicks you can hear from clerics and comedians, poets and politicians, millennials and moms

If you’re thinking, “We need to be careful about who we’re reading and listening to,” I totally agree. Everyone practices “impression management,” trying to tell you what they want you to believe or what they think you want to hear. Further, many Muslims have an agenda. And as you know, the world of Islam is so huge and diverse, no one really is the “voice of Islam.” 

That said, there is deep honor in letting someone speak for themselves. And it’s smart to listen to those who are nearest their situation and know it best. 

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