Listening to the Hungry

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From Those Who Are Fasting

One of the ways we keep people distant from us, keep them “those guys,” is to mostly listen to what we have to say about them. To an extent, this has to happen. (And I deeply appreciate you reading and sharing this email I write about those Muslims!) In some instances, people are so different from us that we literally can't understand what they say about themselves. 

But it’s good to go to the source, to hear about a situation or a society from insiders and stakeholders. 

So as Ramadan heats up, here are three Muslims sharing about the month of fasting: 

  1. Umar, one of the kindest, smartest guys I know, graciously answered my questions about the basic reasons Muslims fast during Ramadan. I’ve compiled his side of our Facebook conversation here and strongly urge you to take a least a quick glance. Given Muslims are a huge and diverse body of people, Umar doesn’t speak for everyone. He’d never claim to! But I do feel he’s a reasonably orthodox voice on this matter.
  2. Poet Hanif Abdurraqib, who says, “I hardly refer to myself as a practicing Muslim these days,” shares poignantly about why “. . . Ramadan is the act of faith which has endured for me.” While not as mainstream as Umar, it’s good to hear some of the hunger and searching that he shares. 
  3. Finally (although maybe clicked firstly!), here’s a video in which a Muslim woman, whom I don’t know at all, shares straight up stuff non-Muslims might want to know about Ramadan. And here she shares similar information, but with a healthy dose of humor. These might tweak you a bit! They did me, but I lived!