Labor Day Looms!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

labor day looms

Here are three bad ways to spend the upcoming Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 1-3):

  1. In the emergency room with a sprained ankle, dislocated finger or a kidney stone.
  2. On the side of the interstate because the camper has a flat tire and you didn’t check the spare.
  3. Kicking your kids out of bed with the classic dad joke, “It’s Labor Day, so we’re going to labor!”

Ok, that third one might be a really good idea. Stuff’s got to get done, right? 

With a month lead time, what if we made plans to connect with some Muslim friends over Labor Day? 

I can see us. . .

  1. . . .organizing a low key picnic at church, with kid’s games and maybe some inexpensive prizes.
  2. . . .inviting a Muslim family to go camping with you. This is definitely a big step, but I have buds in Sicily who are really enjoying the community-building effects of overnight camping trips with new Muslim friends.
  3. . . .finding out how to connect with local international students and asking a few to come along to a farmer’s market, a local festival, or an outdoor concert. The context provides a little extra fodder for conversation, and it might be fun to figure out what food is both yummy and halal. 

Bonus: If you kick your kids and young Muslim buds out of bed to “labor” on Labor Day by cleaning up an elderly saint’s yard or giving out free bottles of water where hot, thirsty people gather, you have my deep respect! 

Timely Prayer Request

When it comes to connecting with Muslims, Rick Love is a hall of famer. He’s provided us with a warm and faithful example for decades. Now he’s facing what might be liver cancer. Would you join me in praying that God would transform, heal, and sustain Rick and his family in these days? Thank you.