Just Peanuts

EWI News:

As M was going grocery shopping, walking a quiet back street of our west African town, a cute little Talibe boy, maybe five years old, approached. 

She carries peanuts to give in such circumstances. 

Talibes are given by their parents to Muslim religious leaders for training in the Qur'an. 

Much of the day they wander the streets begging. They live difficult lives, often hungry, cold, dirty, and without their mothers’ love. 

Little boys! They can be beaten if they don’t get enough begging. 

The little boy grabbed M's hand and kept pulling, pulling her down..down. A little boy.

Confused about what he wanted finally she let him…

..and he kissed her on the cheek. 

For peanuts!

What love did he miss? What love did he need?

M remembered Jesus. He let the sick, dirty, leprous touch him.

PRAY to see people as Jesus sees them.