How to Care in Ways that Count

from Shane's Muslim Connect

How would Christians respond if you asked, “Are Muslim women oppressed?” I suspect I’m in agreement with you in predicting most would say, “Yes, they are.” Like many things, though, there is nuance here. There are better ways to ask the question, and there are other viewpoints to consider, including those of Muslim women. 

Assuming broadly though that Muslim women are oppressed (I plan to explore this issue in future Muslim Connect editions), how should we respond? What, if anything, should we, or some of us, do? 

I favor, though certainly don’t always practice, taking productive action. Rather than telling our circles again, “Muslim women are oppressed. Hijabs are bad!” let’s find practical responses that make a difference.  

For instance, some good friends are laying it on the line as they seek to establish a series of safe houses for Muslim background women. 

That might be too big a leap for you right now. It sure is for me. So what might you and I do?

Read something by a Muslim woman. Browse here and here. (To be sure, we won’t agree with every opinion expressed on these sites.)

Encourage gatekeepers to offer Muslim women a chance to find safety and deliverance in your country.

Buy a stack of the Muslim World Prayer Guide and pray through it with some friends this coming Ramadan (April 13-May 12). 

Peruse the resources at The Truth Collective. If you like what you see (and you’re a woman!), consider attending their Written on Her Heart Conference.

Finally, next time you see a hijab-wearing woman in the media, thank God for her precious life and pray it gets way more abundant. When you see one in real life, smile at her like the Jesus-loving wild thing you are! If you’re a man, pray all kinds of hope and life over her. If you’re a fellow female, exercise your freedom in Christ and say hello.