Got Mad Quiz Skills? Try These...

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Odds are you’re more spiritual than I am and correspondingly less competitive. But if there’s a little bit of “bet I can beat you” in your dear soul, this might be fun! 

A couple of days ago my friend and head of Peace Catalyst International, Martin Brooks, linked to an online quiz about Ramadan. 

Part of my competitiveness is manifest in a tendency to quickly engage to things I think I might win, areas in which I have some experience or aptitude. 

So, as you’d guess, I jumped right on the quiz Martin linked. It was short, quick, and interesting. I landed a respectable but disappointing B+. 

We’re mid-way through this year’s Ramadan. By way of encouraging us all to continue praying for Muslims during this important time, here’s the quiz. If you don’t mind, let us know how you did here

If that quiz gets you in the mood for more, try these two:

Pew Research has a more challenging offering. I scored 8 out of 12 on it. The quiz serves as a gateway to taking their four-lesson, email-based short course on Islam. I signed up for it. Going for an “A” next time! 

Finally, not for the faint of heart, has multiple quizzes for multiple student levels. They might be the rough equivalent of AWANA or other Bible quizzes for Christians. Without getting too specific, they ate my lunch! But it’s interesting to consider what junior and senior high school Muslims are expected to know when they quiz about their faith. 

You and I knowing about Muslims is not the main thing. Knowing doesn’t mean beans. It’s doing, primarily in the form of loving, that floats the boat. And one good way to love Muslims as they fast this Ramadan is to pray for them to find life in Jesus. (Tweet this.)

Grab a one page Ramadan prayer guide here and watch some beautiful prayer videos here