Forging Muslim Friendships

from Shane's Muslim Connect

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known. . .      

– Brené Brown

Last week I asked you to choose which type of Muslim Connector you were. Of those who responded, almost seventy percent chose “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” the option for people who prefer to engage Muslims through building friendships. (If the options in your email were not selectable I apologize. had some indigestion.) 

To start developing skill and confidence in building friendships with Muslims, here are the four super basic steps we need to take and the mistake to avoid. If these feel like kindergarten to you, please pass them on to friends who might be new to all this “Muslim stuff”!

1. Go where you’re more likely to find Muslims. Not so good: Bars, church, Trump rallies, or, in these crazy COVID days, anywhere in public! Better odds: Pakistan, Louisville, ethnic groceries/apartment complexes/neighborhoods, and, in these crazy COVID days, online.

2. Ask good questions. Cultivate curiosity. Risk bugging a few, while blessing most.

3. Share food. Whether you bake, broil, or fry in oil, many Muslim cultures are deeply wired to accept, then return, food-borne hospitality. 

4. Share your life. Involve Muslim friends in both normal and exceptional events. Share yourself at the level of depth you’d like the relationship to go to. I’m terrible at this. I want so much to look like I’ve got it together, but that isn't the path to connection. (Tweet this.)

Avoid this mistake: Don’t put off talking about God. Don’t wait to speak about, and to, Jesus with your new Muslim friend. 

What basic steps would you add to this list? Please comment here.

Next week we’ll look at turning the corner to spiritual conversations.