Fear is a Liar...Usually!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Sometimes we should listen to our fears. They’re talking sense: “Keep eating potato chips at your current rate, you’re going to die early and require an XL casket!” 

Other times, not so much: “If I don’t forward that Facebook post, all of my civil rights will evaporate, and a communist will be elected president!”

When it comes to Muslims, I assume a lot of people don’t really care. I get that. We all have lives and none of us can be concerned about everything. But I also feel like there’s a substantial amount of fear swirling around. Sometimes it manifests as anger, sometimes low-grade anxiety. I don’t want to judge that fear (well, usually not!), but I do want to understand it. 

So honestly, what are we afraid of? What do you think? As you look around you, or even in your own heart, if you were to bullet point the fears you see relative to Muslims, what would be on your list? (Tweet this.)

Articulation seems like a good early step toward evaluation. And thoughtful evaluation should lead to wise action. I know I’m sometimes hindered from articulating my fears because, on closer inspection, the undesirable consequences may actually be worse than I’d thought. On the other hand, laying out my fears might demonstrate that I’ve been jumpy about shadows and vapors. 

Either way, I’d love to hear from you: What specifically do you think you or others are afraid of when it comes to Muslims. If “fear” is too strong, maybe back it off a bit and talk about what concerns people. Feel free to email me your thoughts or simply put them in the comments here. Thank you for taking some valuable time to help us all. 

I’ll be speaking about fear this weekend (July 28th) at New Song Church in San Dimas, CA. If you’re in the neighborhood and can sneak out on your own church for one Sunday, I’d love to see you there! I’ve been assured there’ll be coffee and snacks!