That Crazy Stuff Jesus Did!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Have you ever wanted to do the stuff Jesus did? Some of the crazy stuff? What would it be like to make a whip of cords and thrash your church?!? (Well, that church you used to go to!)

Ok, maybe we'll leave that one to Jesus. But one of the things Jesus often did is available to us with limited risk of failure and high likelihood of success. Jesus talked to people who didn’t look, act, smell, talk, or think like him. Sometimes they were brought to him. Think the woman caught in adultery. Other times he went after them, e.g., Zacchaeus. And then there were times like Matthew’s shindig when Jesus chose to attend events he knew would gather a bunch of folks who aspiring young rabbis usually didn’t hang with.  

People like us can do stuff like that, particularly with Muslims.

These three things affect how likely we are to engage with Muslims we don’t already know:

  1. Personality: If it deeply scares the bejeebers out of you to think about talking to someone you don’t know, cut yourself some slack. God’s main goal is not to make you something you’re not. He made you! And my main goal is not “Let’s see how uncomfortable I can make them before they unsubscribe!!”
  2. Attitude: Maybe read through Romans 8 in the New Living Translation or listen to “Eye of the Tiger” really loud. Whatever gets you amped up! Then tell yourself, “I will not die if I talk to that guy! And if I come close to dying, at least I’ll have a good story!” (Tweet this.)
  3. Tactics: I think sometimes we’re hindered simply by not knowing what to say. The weight of social norms on one side, the absence of a good (pick up?) line on the other.

To help with number three, I want to develop a tool called the Muslim Connect “Hey there, Thank you, You’re welcome” Cheat Sheet. It will equip normal people like us to say those things in a couple dozen languages that Muslims tend to speak. It won’t solve everything, but it might give you a tool to open a conversation. 

Here’s what I’d like to know from you: Would you be helped by something like this? What language(s) would you like to see? Is this something you’d be willing to pay for? If so, how much? $2? $5? If you can take a moment, please shoot me a quick email, or just hit reply and let me know your thoughts. I’d really like to hear them.