"The Best Part of My Week"

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Ramadan began this week, and my friend, colleague, and hero penned this from his city in Europe where he and his family live and reach out to Muslim immigrants:

“Last night I was meeting with my students from North Africa and was asking them what the best and worst part of their week was. All four of them said the best part was that Ramadan was starting today! Here’s a question to ponder for a moment: Why is it that Muslims love and look forward to the month-long period of fasting? 

It's inspiring to me, particularly here: These kids, currently in high school, won’t be able to eat OR DRINK anything between 5am and 8pm (more or less). Many of their classmates think it’s weird, and it’s hard to fast here when life continues and bakeries produce delicious smells all day long. Two of the students have extra strenuous activities at school today, including a hike up a nearby mountain. They’re dreading the inevitable feeling of thirst they’ll have, yet it’s the best part of their week. Wow.

"Today I sent a greeting [feel free to borrow the image above] to my Muslim friends and included these precious words of Jesus from the book of Matthew, 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.’

"Would you ask God to use Ramadan around the world to draw Muslims to himself? If you are up for it, I'd strongly recommend the resources on this website

"Also, please pray for us! [and other workers among Muslims] We will do some extra fasting during Ramadan and, Lord willing, also share some meals with Muslim families as they break fast in the evenings. These are wonderful opportunities to talk about spiritual things (and enjoy great food!).”

Check out the new Muslim Connect video. It's a 2-1/2-minute answer to "what's the deal with Ramadan?" I think it might be great to show this at your church this Sunday!