Cohort Groups

Cohort vs. Class
Compared to a local EWI class, an EWI Cohort covers the same twelve lessons, includes the same assignments, and earns the same certificate when completed. Instead of meeting as a class with guest instructors, cohorts will meet as small groups of 6-12 people to watch video instruction and have discussion. While typical EWI classes meet once a week for twelve weeks, cohorts may range from the 12-week schedule to an extended year-long format, spending longer amounts of time on each lesson. 

Course Assignments
To complete this course, participants will have weekly assignments, including textbook readings, watching video lectures (either with the group or individually), and discussions with the cohort. In addition, participants will meet a Muslim and visit an Islamic center in their local area and take four quizzes and one exam online. A certificate will be issued for successful course completion.

Software Requirements
To take use the online components of the EWI cohort group, you will need internet access, a valid email address. If your cohort's format is that you come to the meeting already having heard the lecture, then you will also need the ability to watch streaming lecture videos. Downloading and listening to mp3 files is also an option.

Course Fees
Tuition for EWI Online is typically $60.00 and includes a course textbook delivered to you electronically (or shipped to you). Current cohort opportunities listed below.

Class Information
Class Details
Wednesday, June 21st 2023 to Wednesday, September 06th 2023
Class Description: 

Chattanooga EWI Cohort

Beginning Jun 21, meeting via Zoom.

For more information, contact the facilitator.