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Best Christmas Song Ever?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Got a favorite Christmas song? (I bet you also have some you’d rather not hear for another year or ever!) Mine is “Let It Be” by the Beatles. “What? That’s not a Christmas song,” I hear you say. You may be right. But I love that Mary told Gabriel, “Let it be to me according to your word.” I don’t know if she whispered those words of wisdom, but she certainly nailed a good response. 

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Walls or Halls?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Thirty years ago, I was just out of college, a budding missions’ advocate and a dead ringer for Paul’s concerned image of the Jews, “. . .they have zeal but lack knowledge"! It was about this time in that year, 1989, that the Berlin Wall began to come down. 

Thanks for the Coffee, Algebra, and Optics

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I’m feeling Thanksgivingly these days. Living in southern Colorado in 2019 and typing on an Apple computer give me a pretty high baseline for gratitude! 

. . . near to the brokenhearted

from Shane's Muslim Connect

While writing Muslim Connect this morning, my heart was warmed as I watched someone give their winter coat to an old, cold, and possibly homeless guy. A quick “identify the problem, solve it” scenario pleases me. But few things work that way, eh?

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