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Ever Doubt You Have What it Takes?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

New Year, New Life, New Goldfish?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I’m longing for spring more this year than I can remember. The snow here in southern Colorado is fighting a valiant but losing battle with warming days: the sun rises earlier, sets later, and it looks like the propane is going to last until the furnace gets turned off. Bring on the equinox!

That Crazy Stuff Jesus Did!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Have you ever wanted to do the stuff Jesus did? Some of the crazy stuff? What would it be like to make a whip of cords and thrash your church?!? (Well, that church you used to go to!)

Making Fun o̶f̶ With Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Please see the special note at the bottom of this week’s Muslim Connect. 

EWI News:

When Christians Marry Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

How would you feel if your child, born or not yet, grew up and married a Muslim? My friend Jami Staples wrestles with this as she counsels Christians who have married Muslims and parents whose kids have or are considering it.