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What if We're Overrun?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Christmas in the Qur'an

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Time was (and maybe still is) you could split a room full of Christians right down the middle on the issue of Santa Claus! From “I’ll never let my kids believe in Satan Claws!” to “Did you know you St. Nicholas was an actual guy - a Christian and everything?” 

The 3-Minute Absolute Basics Christians Need to Know About Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

short and simple

If you live in the U.S., you may still be shaking off a Thanksgiving turkey bender. Can I invite you to jump start your brain and help me think about something? 

Muhammad Had Their Backs

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I flat out love it when I discover something I’d never known before. Given how little I know, finding something new should not be surprising, but it is! And pleasantly so. 

Muslims in the House! And They're Girls!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

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